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Faye Bradbrook

Faye Bradbrook (UK) Director and Teacher

Faye is a qualified and experienced native speaking English and Drama teacher from the U.K. With a background in theatre and performing, Faye believes in using drama and creativity to enhance language learning. Before moving to Hungary she qualified as an ESL teacher passing the Cambridge CELTA exam. 

Faye arrived to Budapest in 2006 and has since gained a vast amount of experience in English teaching and curriculum planning. She has not only taught adults both general and business English but also children from kindergarten to teenagers. She is a highly enthusiastic individual who teaches with a friendly, encouraging and positive manner. Faye established 'The Works' English Language School in 2011. She enjoys working with teachers who share her ethos and energy. 

Faye has continued her work as a drama teacher, opening 'DramaWorks Theatre Company' in 2008. Faye still loves to work on stage and her most recent performances include 'The System of Doctor Pagan' at the Merlin International Theatre, the voice of Gunhild in 'Egil the Last Pagan' and playing the roles of Flicker in 'The Three Little Pigs', Henriette in 'I Am Not A Robot' and Sarah in 'Clone Alone' for Broken Reins Theatre in Education. 


Lori 75x112 websiteLori, English Teacher

An experienced and very creative English teacher for the USA. Lori has been teaching English and Drama to children and adults since moving to Budapest in 2014. Her background in the arts and as a performer helps her to find new paths to teaching English in an activating and enjoyable way. 

Lori graduated in 2011 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a bachelor’s degree in Performance Studies and International Studies. She later earned a Master in International Performance Research, studying at the University of Warwick, the University of Amsterdam, and the University of Belgrade. She completed her degree in December 2013.

Lori has taught workshops in drama and devising techniques in the USA, Spain, Serbia, the Netherlands, and Hungary. Lori teaches our 'Just Speak' acting skills workshops, using drama and improvisation to develop language skills and speaking confidence. She believes strongly in the importance of arts in education, both for children and adults, and in the creative potential in everyone.

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