Age 9 - 11yrs 'English Heroes'


The 'English Heroes' classes aim to make English enjoyable for young learners. The lessons are full of stories and activities which keep students engaged with a large focus on speaking skills. Alongside the 'Oxford English Heroes' course books our friendly teachers use a variety of teaching materials, songs, games and plays which allow students to learn in a fun and natural way.

  • Large focus on speaking skills whilst developing reading, writing and listening.
  • Cartoon stories make English learning enjoyable and memorable.
  • Children are grouped according to age and level.
  • Parents are informed of vocabulary lists, topics and homework.
  • Student's progress is monitored and assessed throughout the course.
  • At the end of each course we invite parents to an open class. 
  • Private lessons also available.



Please see time-table for current courses and complete registration form. New groups are started according to demand. A new course can start when there are enough students enrolled.  If you would like us to start a new group for your level or location please contact us for further details.


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