Native English Speaking Children


'The Works' English Language School organises English classes for children and teenagers who are native English speakers. These specialised classes are tailor made to the age and needs of the students. The focus is on developing key literacy skills according to the Key Stages followed in national curriculum in the U.K. We use a variety of teaching materials to develop reading, writing and spelling. These classes are suitable for native speakers who do not attend an international school or for students who need extra support with English.

  • Tailor made classes to meet specific needs.
  • Friendly teachers who create imaginative and engaging lessons.
  • Aims to develop creativity and problem solving.
  • Reading and writing a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • Students are grouped according to age and level.
  • Continuous assessment and feedback to parents.
  • Private lessons are also available.


Please see time-table for current courses and complete registration form. New groups are started according to demand. A new course can start when there are enough students enrolled.  If you would like us to start a new group for your level or location please contact us for further details.

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